Vibrant Morning Serenity

Oil Painting of Japanese Garden at Golden Gate Park, CA

I painted this piece as an interpretation from a photograph taken on a family trip. Unfortunately, the photograph colors were washed out, therefore, as a challenge, “‘Vibrant Morning Serenity” only uses three tubes of paint (blue, red, yellow) to convey how I remembered the colors to be and how calm it felt to sit in the garden. Since this piece was not with the intention of creating realism, it leant for an opportunity to use only palette knife instead of brush. Just like my Disneyland painting, which can also be found in my portfolio, I used texture to bring depth and energy to the painting.

Vibrant Morning Serenity is for sale. Contact me if you are interested in the artwork.

  • Medium
    Oil Paint on Stretched Canvas
  • Style
    Palette Knife
  • Year Created
  • Project
    For Sale