Afternoon Siesta

Pet drawing of Riley, my second oldest dog out of four

Meet Riley! He is the most intelligent, athletic, and protective dog out of his four brothers. I adopted him from Honolulu Humane Society not too long after getting Chip. He is definitely not a foodie, but absolutely loves stuffed toys. Luckily, he is soft-mouthed and therefore tries to protect his toys from being destroyed by his brothers.

This pet drawing depicts Riley taking a siesta after a long play session in the backyard. Instead of using traditional white paper, where normally midtones and shadows have to be added to a drawing, I have used tan paper that acts as mid-tones, and highlights plus shadows have to be added. Graphite pencil is used for the dark and shadow areas while white colored pencil is used shade in highlights.

  • Medium
    Graphite Pencil + Colored Pencil on Tan Paper
  • Year Created
  • Project